Get fit for the New Year

If you’re one of the thousands of us starting the New Year with a resolution to get fit, did you realize that laughter can actually be a workout itself?

Studies have shown that laughter can boost the immune system and it lowers your blood pressure. It exercises the muscles in your shoulders, abdomen, back and face and is a great workout for the respiratory system.

Apparently, laughing 100 times a day can equal 15 minutes of cardio exercise!

Well, we can guarantee you at least 100 laughs in our Panto, Mother Goose next week which means for the price of your ticket not only do you get over 2 hours of great entertainment, you also get a good workout.

If the Dame’s antics don’t make you giggle then the giant geese of Boundtobiteyou will definitely raise a laugh as they run amok in the auditorium. And just you wait until you hear what we’ve got Sean and Andrew singing this year!

January can be a pretty grim time of year once the sparkle of the festive season is over and we all get back to work and school, so treat yourself to an evening of fun to dust off those winter blues. You might just get fit too!