How to direct a Pantomime Part 6 – Momentum and the Mannequin Challenge

Momentum and the Mannequin Challenge

Well we had our last rehearsal last night before Christmas, and we had the best energy in the room that we have had so far. I added a couple of Christmas games to keep everyone’s attention and to make it a bit of fun, but everyone also worked extremely hard and we got a lot done.

I am now at the point where I think the momentum of the show has taken on life of its own and it could quite easily carry on without me. When I first started planning and directing this show it was mainly me putting in a lot of effort and constantly having to push to get things done. As other people have come on board, the load has become lighter for me and the show is really growing as a group effort. Crucially, it is when the other team players take on the autonomy for their roles that the momentum really gets going.

The cast have all learned their lines and songs and are all making their parts their own. Phil’s set design has taken off and is taking great shape as are the props. Clive, our MD has been on it from the start and this is really paying off as the songs are looking great. The Choreography team of Julie, Emma and Freya have put together some great dances that the cast are doing in style. And finally the unseen team behind the scenes have been working with me from the start to shape the show, keep the gremlins from our door and keeping everything moving.

If the show were a boulder that I was trying to roll over a hill – we have pushed it to the top as a team and it has now taken on energy of its own and will make its way down the other side, hopefully with the style and glory it deserves. I see it as my role from now on to make sure it stays on track and lands in the right place. With hard work and focus from the rest of the team I reckon we might just get there.

For a bit of fun last night, we thought we’d try the Mannequin Challenge that has been trending on the internet this year. What do you reckon? (Click on the link below to view it) I think it’s pretty good.

A Merry Christmas to you all x