How to direct a Pantomime Part 7 – Things are coming together

It’s all coming together!

We have just emerged from a very busy weekend preparing for this week’s Panto, Mother Goose. On Saturday we had our first rehearsal on the stage and in costume, always a challenge and always a huge distraction for all involved. Exciting for those of us in the driving seat to start to see things coming together, and confusing for those on stage wondering where the heck they are supposed to be!

I was worried about many things that evening, not least that the kids would miss their cues and mess around backstage but was very pleasantly surprised that they coped extremely well and didn’t miss a beat. There were the usual mishaps, confusions and concerns from one and all but we got through it reasonably unscathed ready for Tech Sunday.

Boy, is that a long day for those of us behind the scenes. Down at the Centre from 10am to finish the set, followed by a quick break for lunch then back again at 2:30 to set the technical effects up ready for a rehearsal in the evening. There is always a LOT to get done, but happily a lot of people on hand to help.

We had a few technical issues to iron out and a few changes to make but on the whole the show is shaping up very nicely indeed. It was especially gratifying to have a few new faces on the scene who have not seen the rehearsals and watching their reactions to some of the surprises we have in store for you all.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, the programmes have arrived, make up will be on hand tonight and photos will be taken, ready for our first performance on Thursday.

I’m not sure my head has caught up with my body yet, but life goes on outside of panto land and I must get the kids of to school and ready for work.

In the meantime, please do book some tickets and come and join us this week. We have some real treats in store for you, and it is the best way to shake off those January blues.