It’s snowing in Kings Langley!

Yes, would you believe it – New Years day at the Community Centre in Kings Langley and we were showered with a little snowfall this morning. Our technical team have treated themselves this Christmas to a brand new snow machine and we plan to make good use of it in the Panto. As Mother Goose and her team are heading off to snowy Scandinavia and the Palace of Ice, this machine will be just the ticket to create the right atmosphere.

The group were fantastic and made a real effort to turn up and do their bit this morning as we moved in to the Centre, despite their bleary eyes and sore heads from last night’s festivities.

It was an exciting morning seeing the set coming together, the props being compiled and the rails of costumes taking shape. Some of the cast took themselves off to practice a song or two in a quiet moment, and much fun was had with glitter curtains…

I have been a member of the KLP for over 22 years now, and my favourite thing about this group has always been the team spirit and the way that everyone chips in to do their bit. If we have a party everyone brings some food and drinks, when we do a show everyone does their bit to share the load and if we need a bit of muscle to get a job done the troops will turn up. This morning made me feel very proud indeed. Proud of the people who came down and did their bit, proud of our Panto, which is taking great shape and proud to be a member of the KLP.

All we need now is an audience. Spread the word to all your friends and family, it is going to be a very colourful, fun and happy show.