Jack & the Beanstalk Auditions

Directed by Rebecca Davey

Production dates: 11th – 13th January 2018

Reading: Monday 17th July

Audition: Thursday 20th July

Both at 8pm in the back room of the Community Centre.

This year we’re off on a magical journey to the Village of Merrydale and the Giant’s Castle for our fun-filled Panto. Will Jack get a good price for Daisy the Cow? Will the Princess be forced to marry the nasty Giant? And will the nasty Giant manage to enjoy his nap without being disturbed? This pantomime promises gags & songs a plenty! Come and join the fun!

Edena The Eco Fairy – A homespun, country girl. Any age, rural accent.

Slimeball – The Giant’s henchman. There is something slightly spiv like about him.

Jack Trot – Principal Boy. Male or Female.

Princess Demelza – Principal Girl.

King Bertram – Officious, pompous, more confident in his abilities than he has a right to be.

Flunkit – The Royal Flunky. Male but could be played by a female. Well meaning.

Dame Trot – Warm hearted, rumbustious dame.

Simple Simon – Dame Trot’s cowman. Loveable and slightly vulnerable.

Daisy the Cow – 2 people needed for front & back! Full of bovine mischief.

Giant Blundabore – Genuinely believes himself in love with Demelza but lacks a moral compass!

Chorus of Adults & Children – Villagers, Fairies / Sprites, Cockroaches, Ghosts.