Quartet Auditions

Directed by Andrew Knight

Production dates: 8th – 10th March 2018

Reading: Thursday 6th July

Audition: Thursday 27th July

Both at 8pm in the back room of the Community Centre.

Set in a home for retired opera singers. The play starts with Cecily, Reggie, and Wilfred,starting to make plans to celebrate Verdi’s birthday with a concert, a concert in which they do every year on -10th October.

They are also awaiting the arrival of a new Resident, and are curious to know what there new housemate will be like.

When the new resident arrives it is non other than Jean who used to be married to Reggie and who was and still is a diva, it seems like she has hasn’t been there for five minutes and she is already upsetting the plans by refusing to sing.

Also a film with Maggie Smith, The play is funny, moving, and poignant, and looks deeply into the lives of these fascinating characters whilst also dealing with the trials and tribulations of getting old.



Cecily (Cissy) Robinson:—A large woman, and often very excitable- especially at the arrival of a new Resident – she loves her opera and often sits listening to music on her head phones totally entranced mouthing the words.

Reginald (Reggie) Paget— He is a slim fit immaculate man, and always where’s a collar and tie.

Wilfred (Will) Bond.—He uses a walking stick, and is a big man, not only in size but in everything he does. He is also very untidy in his appearance; he simply neglects the way he looks.

Jean Horton—was married to Reggie. Not an easy lady to get on with, very much a diva and out to make life as difficult as possible.


Even though the characters are all over 70 I will be casting it younger as we all know make up is a good tool, as well as convincing acting which I know will not be a problem with the players.

I hope to see as many as possible at the reading and audition. This is a great play with the opportunity for strong character acting.