Readings & Auditions

Here are all the details about our annual auditions for the 2017-2018 season. We cast all our shows once a year for the full season, and auditions are open to anyone. All the readings and auditions will take place in the back room of Kings Langley Community Centre at 8pm.
Mon 3rd  July Hi De Hi Reading
Thur 6th July Quartet Reading
Mon 10th July Hi De Hi Audition
Thur 13th July Rope Reading
Mon 17th July Panto Reading
Thur 20th July Panto Audition
Mon 24th July Rope Audition
Thur 27th July Quartet Audition

19th – 21st Octover 2017
Rope by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Carolyne Bevan

Cast: 8
Setting: a swish Mayfair penthouse apartment c. 1930

Two arrogant Oxford University students Brandon and Granillo, strangle their friend
Kentley to death with a rope for no apparent reason other than to show they can get away with murder. They place their victim’s body in a chest in the living room. This is then covered over with a cloth and used as a table from which refreshments for a cocktail party are served later that evening. The party guests include Kentley’s parent, relative, romantic partner and also the murderers’ mentor, Rupert Cadell. Brandon’s sense of intellectual superiority swells to reckless levels throughout the evening, making a tense cat & mouse game as Rupert inches ever closer to discovering exactly why Kentley hasn’t shown up for the party.
With the exception of Rupert Cadell who needs to be a middle- aged male, and Leila Arden who is a youthful looking woman, completely open to gender of the other cast members, including the murderers themselves. It is all about getting the mix and the weird chemistry right.
Age guides are deliberately vague – whatever you can get away with on stage!
Brandon – killer [youthful looking] M/F
Granillo – killer [youthful looking] M/F
Sabot – French servant [any age] M/F
Raglan – killer/victim’s friend [youthful looking] M/F
Leila Arden – victim’s love interest [youthful looking] F
Kentley [Snr] – victim’s parent [middle aged] M/F
Debenham – victim’s relative [middle aged] M/F
Rupert Cadell – Brandon & Granillo’s mentor [middle aged] M

11th – 13th January 2018
Jack & the Beanstalk by Ben Crocker
Directed by Rebecca Davey

This year we’re off on a magical journey to the Village of Merrydale and the Giant’s Castle for our fun-filled panto. Will Jack get a good price for Daisy the Cow? Will the Princess be forced to marry the nasty Giant? And will the nasty Giant manage to enjoy his nap without being disturbed? This pantomime promises gags & songs a plenty! Come and join the fun!
Edena The Eco Fairy – A homespun, country girl. Any age, rural accent.
Slimeball – The Giant’s henchman. There is something slightly spiv like about him.
Jack Trot – Principal Boy. Male or Female.
Princess Demelza – Principal Girl.
King Bertram – Officious, pompous, more confident in his abilities than he has a right to be.
Flunkit – The Royal Flunky. Male but could be played by a female. Well meaning.
Dame Trot – Warm hearted, rumbustious dame.
Simple Simon – Dame Trot’s cowman. Loveable and slightly vulnerable.
Daisy the Cow – 2 people needed for front & back! Full of bovine mischief.
Giant Blundabore – Genuinely believes himself in love with Demelza but lacks a moral compass!
Chorus of Adults & Children – Villagers, Fairies / Sprites, Cockroaches, Ghosts.

8th – 10th March 2018
Quartet by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Andrew Knight

Set in a home for retired opera singers. The play starts with Cecily, Reggie, and Wilfred,starting to make plans to celebrate Verdi’s birthday with a concert, a concert in which they do every year on -10th October.
They are also awaiting the arrival of a new Resident, and are curious to know what there new housemate will be like.
When the new resident arrives it is non other than Jean who used to be married to Reggie and who was and still is a diva, it seems like she has hasn’t been there for five minutes and she is already upsetting the plans by refusing to sing.
Also a film with Maggie Smith, The play is funny, moving, and poignant, and looks deeply into the lives of these fascinating characters whilst also dealing with the trials and tribulations of getting old.

Cecily (Cissy) Robinson:—A large woman, and often very excitable- especially at the arrival of a new Resident – she loves her opera and often sits listening to music on her head phones totally entranced mouthing the words.
Reginald (Reggie) Paget— He is a slim fit immaculate man, and always where’s a collar and tie.
Wilfred (Will) Bond.—He uses a walking stick, and is a big man, not only in size but in everything he does. He is also very untidy in his appearance; he simply neglects the way he looks.
Jean Horton—was married to Reggie. Not an easy lady to get on with, very much a diva and out to make life as difficult as possible.

Even though the characters are all over 70. I will be casting it younger as we all know make up is a good tool, as well as convincing acting which I know will not be a problem with the players.
I hope to see as many as possible at the reading and audition. This is a great play with the opportunity for strong character acting.

17th – 19th May 2018
Hi-De-Hi by Paul Carpenter, Ian Gower, David Croft & Jimmy Perry
Directed by Guy Peskin

This stage adaptation of the hugely popular British TV series, which revisits the 1950’s and Maplins Holiday Camp with its host of colourful characters.
It’s the start of a new season and founder Joe Maplin announces that he is setting up a camp in the Bahamas and needs female yellowcoats (entertainers) to go and work there. The annual “Miss Yellowcoat” competition will decide who. Imagine the rivalry! Camp cleaner Peggy, meanwhile, is thrilled at the prospect of a vacancy for a new yellowcoat and convinces Entertainments Manager Jeffrey that she is the ideal candidate for the job. Ted is forced to employ numerous money-making schemes when his ex wife turns up at the camp with a bailiff in tow and Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves send the rumour mill into its usual overdrive when Gladys is overheard escorting Jeffrey into his chalet late one evening.
However this is going to me more than just a play, with the yellowcoats being in the bar link, and the auditorium as FOH stewards, and generally getting the audience in the mood for 1950’Ss Maplins holiday camp. The yellowcoats I hope will also be singing the tunes of the day between scenes , and of course the well know theme tune, accompanied on the piano ! In fact we might turn the front of stage area into the Hawaiin Ballroom generally. There are 9 male parts, and 8 female parts, but I might have some doubling up of characters if suitable . So as well as actors, w also will need maybe 4 singers, so I am sure this is going to be a fun filled extravaganza all round. SO I DO HOPE YOU ALL COME ALONG TO JOIN THE CAMP.
Gladys Pugh  ………………….Welsh , age can be from say 30-60
Peggy Ollerenshaw …………Dippy chalet cleaner, any age
Yvonne Stuart – Hargreaves ….Middle aged, pretencious, pompous, ex ballroom champion
Sylvia Garsey ………………….Flirtacious 30 – 50
Hilary Bovis …………………….Middle aged , northern, Ted’s bossy wife
Dawn, Betty, and Tracey …..Vivacious Yellow Coats, any age. Must be able to sing, and be a typical enthusiatic, personable yellowcoat
Jeffrey Fairbrother …………..Upper class , aged mid 30’s – 50’s
Ted Bovis ……………………….Northern, middle aged stand up comedian etc
Spike  Dixon …………………..Camp comic 30’s -50’s
Mr. Partridge …………………..Miserable middle aged Punch & Judy man
Fred Quilly ………………………Cantankerous , ex jockey middle aged
Barry Stuart – Hargreaves .. Long suffering middle aged pompous, ex ballroom champion
Gary …………………………………Young male yellowcoat, singer, and again personable, and enthusiastic.
Bailiff ………………………………..Any age male
Pritchard …………………………. Any age male admirer of Gladys.