Upcoming events

8th – 10th March 2018 – In March we will be presenting Quartet by Ronald Harwood, set in a home for retired opera singers. The play starts with Cecily, Reggie, and Wilfred, starting to make plans to celebrate Verdi’s birthday with a concert which they do every year. Meanwhile they are awaiting the arrival of a new Resident, and are curious to know what their new housemate will be like.  Made famous by the film starring Maggie Smith and Billy Connely, this promises to be a hilarious and heartwarming evening out.

17th – 19th May 2018 – Finally in May we fill end our season with Hi-De-Hi by Paul Carpenter, Ian Gower, David Croft, Jimmy Perry. We don’t need to tell you what this is all about! A stage adaptation of the hugely popular British TV series, which revisits the 1950’s Maplins Holiday Camp, with its host of colourful characters that you will all remember. With songs, laughs and Yellowcoats keeping the action going this will end our season with a bang!

July 2018 – Auditions for our next season. Details to be released in June 2018