Abigail’s Party cast blog 11

The Seventies come to Kings Langley

Well here we are, with 3 days to go until curtain up and things are really coming together down at the Community Centre. I am happy to report that sofagate was finaly solved on Saturday when Andrew and Martin took collection of the leather chairs and the fab leather sofa found via Facebook. Our only dilemma now, is what to do with the sofa afterwards, so if you like the look of it and can pick it up on Sunday let us know!


We also took delivery of our e-cigarettes and cigars this weekend – and they are pretty good. We have ones with no nicotine and all they produce is water vapour so it is unpleasant for neither the cast or the audience, and I am told they look pretty good.

Alan, our set designer has done a wonderful job in bringing the seventies to the Community Centre and it is looking just beautiful. He spent the day yesterday ‘dressing’ the set and we now have a record player, trim phone, fibre light, record collection and ashtrays a plenty scattered around the room.

Costumes were also worn on Saturday for the first time, which is always a treat for the actors on stage. Bev is looking gorgeous in a flowing red dress complete with matching nail polish and lippy, Angela is demure in a ditsy floral dress complete with fab character glasses (I’m very jealous of those). The gents have some wonderful suits, complete with a kipper tie for Laurence and a polo neck for Tony, and I have one of my least attractive costumes ever with a very prim plaid M&S pencil skirt and pink blouse ensemble.

The technical were added last night and we got to experience the sound effects of the record player and the noise of Abigail’s Party going on down the road.

The weekend before the show is when the magic really begins to happen and this weekend was no disappointment. As ever we have a few creases to iron out but with two dress rehearsals to go, we are very nearly there.

Tickets are selling well, Saturday night in particular so book now if you don’t want to be disappointed. And don’t forget ladies – when you put on your lipstick, sit down in front of the mirror and say to yourself ‘I’ve got very beautiful lips’. OK?