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Abigail’s Party cast blog 3

Finding Costumes

The cast found their way to the costume studio on Sunday morning in search of suitable attire for the production. Those of you who know the KLP will be aware that we are lucky enough to have our own Studio space, built by the group themselves in the 1970’s which we use to build sets, store furniture and props and has it’s own Aladdin’s cave section dedicated to storing our costumes. We have been collecting these for well over 40 years or more. Some have been made, some bought and some donated.

So we needed some tasteful (ahem) 70s garb to transform us into our characters ready for a publicity photo-shoot. Angela was the first to get kitted out in a floaty blue number complete with some fabulous character defining glasses. Tony was next with a pin striped suit, followed by myself as Sue with a reserved pastel high necked blouse and pencil skirt ensemble complete with actresses own tweed jacket assuredly adding a good 10 years to my age! Next up was our hostess Beverley having tried on numerous floaty dresses, she settled on a multi coloured floral number for the photo shoot and a lemon layered dress for the show – work is needed on both necklines to enhance the cleavage but both screaming Beverley. Laurence was last to be kitted out in a fetching green shirt and grey suit combo. Unfortunately we have a distinct lack of appropriately flared trousers and collars for the gents so we may need to look further afield.

It’s so important to get the look right – both for the audience and also for the cast to help them get into character – shoe in particular. Strange isn’t it how you can feel like a different person in the appropriate shoes?

Never the less we managed to find enough to get by with for the photo shoot. Carl shot us against a white background with Andrew, the director organising us into a number of different tableaus, complete with our first taste of cheesy pineapple snacks. He then took them away and with the magic of photoshop added some striking 1970s wallpaper backgrounds.

Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be releasing all the photos soon, but you can have the first look here.


Next time – learning lines