Abigail’s Party cast blog 7


If you have not seen Abigail’s Party and do not want to spoil the ending of the play DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

Right – Spoiler alert indeed. As I mentioned last time, last night we tackled the tricky last scene of the play that we have been having so much trouble with. After having gone through it intensely a few times we have got a much better handle on it, but it does need some polishing still.

Dilemma of the evening was ‘what sort of noise does Laurence make when he is having a heart attack?’. ‘Why does he have to make a noise?’ I hear you ask – well Beverley refers to it in the script, so Robin is doing a rather good groaning noise at the moment.

In the interest of authenticity I thought I would send a message and ask┬ámy Brother, a Paramedic (whose name I shall keep to myself to protect his professional identity – you’ll see why in a minute…) what sort of a noise a patient in this condition is likely to make. His reply was in the form of the following audio file..


Transcript for those who may not be able to play the file: (Voice in BBC World Service Style) “In the 70’s Heart attacks sounded like this; aaaaagggggghhhhhhhhh, somebody call 999!”

Thanks Bro. Very helpful…

On a side note, I had another of those weird dreams the other night where we put on the show and only two people came to watch it – and one of them went to use the loo in the last few minutes thus missing this crucial scene. Honestly. Don’t let that be you! It’s really rather good – honest!

Back to our usual dilemma about smoking on stage. Our current thoughts are either:

  • E cigarettes (expensive)
  • Miming with normal cigarettes
  • Smoking low nicotine cigarettes (yuk)
  • Pretend cigarettes (miming as above)

Thoughts please….