Abigail’s Party cast blog 8

Furniture and Fags. 

Well we have just finished a VERY busy weekend preparing for Abigail’s Party, which opens in 10 days time.

On Saturday we spent the evening rehearsing the whole production from start to finish, adding further props and food to get used to the action on stage, and yesterday we moved all our set and furniture into the community centre, followed by another rehearsal yesterday afternoon.

Now, the usual complaint we have when we get on stage for the first time is that there is MUCH less room than we thought we were going to have. However with this show we have found the complete opposite. Beverley is not kidding when she says the houses are much bigger on this side of the road, it is a veritable hike to get from the kitchen to the sofa in the living room. And that’s another thing, our furniture had been selected, but when it was brought over and placed on stage some of it does not quite work. We have a fab room divider and a bar but the suite and the coffee table just don’t create the impression we were hoping, so we are in the process of sourcing something a little more Beverley. Hopefully this time next week we will be lounging in a new suite.

The cigarette dilemma reared its ugly head again and a consensus has been made. We are going to source e-cigarettes. Nobody – even the one smoker in the cast, are happy about lighting up on stage and don’t think that the fug or the smell will help with our performances, but at the same time a little puff of smoke (or vapour) would be beneficial. So we will be ordering some e-cigs with zero nicotine in them to use. Fingers crossed this will work!

Nothing like a last minute change of mind to keep Andrew our Director on his toes (well with 10 days to go we can hardly call it last minute), but it does keep it all interesting.

We have some good seats still available so click on the box office link to book yours this week.