Abigail’s Party cast blog 9


And so it is Friday morning and the sofagate saga continues. Last time I wrote this we were all ready with our bids on a fab leather suite on ebay determined to make it ours, but sadly fate was not on our side (and we reckon some dodgy dealings on behalf of the seller). Our higher bid than the winning one was not accepted on ebay and our dreams turned to dust.

Not ready to give up yet we have scoured the second hand furniture market in the area looking for something that Beverley would be proud to show off in her lounge (that preferably won’t cost more than fifty quid and that can be collected on Saturday in the local area – not much to ask?!).

But yesterday I had a happy encounter with another member of the group Mary who said ‘How about these leather chairs and footstools? You can borrow them if you like’. And they are PERFECT! White leather, retro styled and very aspirational for our Bev. Even better – we don’t have the worry about what to do with them afterwards as we can return them to Mary – fab. So now we are back to the market to find a suitable white leather sofa to complete the suite.

Messages have been sent to three sellers on Gumtree, Freecycle and Schpock so far with no response…. The team got into action last night and placed a request on a Hemel Facebook page which happily got one response. We are awaiting a photo and price, so fingers crossed.

With any luck, by our rehearsal tomorrow night, we will be lounging in a leather three piece suite. The wallpaper is up and looks amazing, the costumes will be on tomorrow and the cheesy pineapple snacks are plentiful.

By hook or by crook we will get this show (or sofa) on the road and Beverley will have a lounge she will be proud of.

Watch this space!