Diary of a Nobody by George &  Weedon Grossmith
A comedy, directed by Carolyne Bevan
Show dates: 10-12 March 2022
Charles Pooter – a lowly London bank clerk – dreams of being a ‘Somebody’. He and his beloved wife Carrie move into their dream house in Upper Holloway, and set about embracing the joys of middle-class suburbia. So confident is he that things are on the up, he begins a diary to record events in his wonderful life. But, Pooter’s bubble is quickly burst when his ill-fated attempts at social climbing bring him crashing down to earth with a bump. This whimsical and delightfully silly Victorian comedy of manners is imaginatively adapted for stage by Hugh Osborne. Fast-paced, inventive and deliciously satirical, the cast – remarkably only four actors – portray a cavalcade of engaging characters; bringing what Evelyn Waugh once called ‘the funniest book in the world’ to sparkling life.