Current Show

10th–12th January 2018


By Chris Jordan

Aladdin is one of the most popular pantomime stories and Chris Jordan’s script promises to be a spectacular feast for the senses and treat for all the family to enjoy.

The villainous Abanazaar has consulted an ancient Egyptian oracle to learn how he can obtain wealth and power, but the Genie of the Ring is on hand to thwart his evil schemes. Whilst we’re off to Old Peking to meet our hero-to-be, Aladdin, the hapless Wishee Washee, and their mother Widow Twankey.

Meanwhile, the Emperor has had to make most of his staff redundant. He’s left with the dim PC Pong to maintain order, and his daughter So-Shi, to flog to the highest bidder. Naturally, So-Shi has other ideas for her future.

Will So-Shi and Aladdin get it together? Will they thwart the plans of the evil Abanazaar? And just how much glitter is too much at this time of year? Join us for this fun-filled production to really shake off those winter blues.