The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
Full length musical, directed by Andrew Knight
Show dates: 8-11 December 2021
This playful stage adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s celebrated novel follows Dorothy as she travels over the rainbow to the land of Oz, meeting your favourite characters from the film, plus a few more! Join us this December on our adventures in Oz where you will experience all the magic and fantasy of the film, complete with all the songs you know and love.


An interview with Andrew Knight, Director “The Wizard Of Oz”

  1. This coming season our normal January Panto will be replaced with a December production of Wizard of Oz. Why have you chosen Oz as the first post-Covid show?

The Wizard of Oz is, in my opinion, one of the best and most loved musicals of all time, and is still considered a family favourite. As like many I remember watching the film every Christmas. Christmas would not be Christmas without the Wizard of Oz. Even now over 80 years old, it never tires, and with the next generation of audiences, it still attracts. What better way to re-launch our group than with this popular musical, and here is something for everyone.

  1. Will this be an all singing, all dancing version like the film?

All the songs are there that we know and love, with a couple of additions, one being the Jitterbug- which was cut from the film. (Can you tell I am a fan?)

  1. Is there an issue that audiences, having grown up with the iconic film, will be disappointed by our production?

I hope not, the songs and magic are still there, – and we will create that fun and fantasy here in Kings Langley. We are renowned for having a good creative team, and our audiences will not be Disappointed!

  1. Will all the characters, songs and dance numbers be similar to the film or is our version a different script?

All the characters are there, with some additional ones as well. The script is based more on L Frank Baum’s book as opposed to the MGM classic. As I said previously all the famous numbers are there, with a couple of additional ones. There are different elements in this version, but the magic and fantasy is still there with all the songs we know and love.

  1. Will there be enough parts for lots of members, starved of performing, to be able to be in the cast?

It is a very large cast, as well as the main principles, there are plenty of cameo roles for example three witches pop over for afternoon tea with the witch of the West. Alas there is no Toto in this version. Lots of Munchkins, the good folk of emerald city, and of course the yellow brick road

  1. Who are your Musical and Choreography supremos? It’s going to be a huge challenge as there will no doubt be wonderful “production numbers”?

As usual I have Clive Swan as my musical director, and welcome on-board Corrine Swallow as my Choreographer. I know I am in safe hands as there are some great routines, and Clive will work his magic on the fab musical score. Ros Swallow is my Stage manager (talk about keeping it in the family) I understand also that Matt swallow is part of her stage crew.

  1. Lighting and sound (tornadoes and munchkins) will have to be top notch as usual……who are your team?

 KLP have never shied away from a technical challenge and this will be no exception.

  1. This is a sort of “re-launch” of the KLP, and must be one of the biggest and most important of the many shows you have produced…..are you nervous?!

Naturally very nervous, but also very excited. This is bigger than our 90th when I directed Little shop of Horrors, this is a big deal for me and the company to say we are back with a bang (NO PRESSURE)

  1. Finally, why should audiences flock to this show?

This is our ‘re-launch, and a great show to come back to, after the year we have all had, we need to be entertained, and this is the show to do it, pure escapism, colourful, heart-warming, and toe tapping songs. This will be a night out you will not forget. Tell your friends, bring your family. A performance for everyone of all ages. Let’s relaunch the KLP with a huge “HURRAH!

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