Hi-De-Hi – Interview with the Director

Our KLP News Editor recently asked Guy Peskin, some searching (!) questions about directing our next production, Hi-De-Hi.

Hi De Hi was an iconic TV show, how will you meet the challenge of recreating this unique world?

Hi De Hi was very much an iconic 1980’s TV show from Jimmy Perry and David Croft. So I have decided to make this stage production, more of an event than just a light hearted comedy romp.
We intend to make the bar/foyer area like an entrance to Maplins, and then the auditorium similar, with bunting, and 1950’s memorabilia all around. Our lovely yellowcoats, will be very much Front of House, before the show goes up, and will effusively meet and greet the audience.
We have a municipal open set, with painted Beach huts across the back of the stage, with furniture and props very much of the period, and even our own Glitterball for the Ballroom scenes.

We are also having live music with the very accomplished Yellowcoat Pat Baxter on the piano, and the Yellowcoats, will be singing songs of the day between scenes. so all in all a full on production, before the show even starts!

Will the stage be full of impersonaters, as KLP had with Vicar of Dibley?

The cast have taken on the job of giving us their take on the well-established characters from the series; not necessarily a full on impersonation, but very much giving us an instant recognition of their characters. As we have done previously with Allo, Allo, and The Vicar of Dibley.

Who is in your cast and why?

Casting was for this show a very difficult process, as we had so many people auditioning for all the parts, and I am genuinely sorry I had let quite a number of people down, all of who could have taken on the mantle of these familiar faces. However needless to say I am delighted with those who as we speak are turning into Peggy, Gladys, Ted Jeffrey etc.

The show was aired in the 1980’s but set around 1960, will modern audiences “get it”?

The humour is very much I think of 2 time periods, firstly the late 1950’s, and also when the show was televised in the 1980’s.

We are having 4 performances for this show, with a Saturday Matinee being the extra show. We are looking to have very good sized audiences for the production, because I genuinely feel the show has a great feel-good factor, has great songs, a very VIBRANT, and talented cast, a top notch back stage team, and will lighting wise also look very colourful. The key success of this show is to create a very strong BUZZ, which in turn I hope will generate ticket sales.

That’s all from me now folks so HI-DE-HI CAMPERS !!

See you all at the show I am sure,

Joe Maplin (aka Guy) x