Posted on: January 12, 2017 Posted by: Sally-Anne Rafferty Comments: 0

How to direct a Pantomime Part 9 – Showtime!

The show is on!

Well, that is it. The final dress rehearsal was last night, I have handed over the reigns of control to Ros, our Stage Manager and my work here is done.

After months of planning and weeks of work we finally have a show on our hands, and what a sparkling, fun-filled show it is. I am extremely proud of the cast and crew and am really looking forward to hearing the audience’s reaction to what we have in store for them.

That is the one ingredient that is missing now from the show and one we can’t possibly fill it ourselves. Audience participation is such an integral part of Panto. It brings the whole production to life and gives the cast something tangible to work with. If the baddies are boo’d and the heroes are cheered then we have done our job right. It is quite often the first experience many children get of live theatre, and if they remember it as a positive one it could capture their imagination for life.

So that is it from me. Five live shows ahead of us, and the good people of Kings Langley and Far, Far Away to entertain.

Break a leg everyone – and enjoy the show!