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Interview with our director

To learn a bit more about our up-coming producton of Cinderella, our KLP News editor interviewed Rebecca, our director.

You are a glutton for punishment, why take on a huge commitment that is panto?

You are right a pantomime is an enormous commitment! Listening to an audience laugh at the corny jokes, seeing children’s’ reactions to a live theatre experience is worth all the blood, sweat and tears. 

Cinderella is a perennial favourite, are we in for the standard “old English village” in sets and costumes?

You will have to come and see the show! I have the fantastic Sally-Anne Rafferty designing the set and the equally fantastic Richard Love building it. I promise that it will be bright and cheerful and with as much sparkle as I’m allowed!

Music is an integral part of panto, what have you and Clive chosen for this time?

There is an eclectic mix of music this year ranging from Shirley Bassey to ABBA, The Bee Gees, Pharrell Williams and Olly Murs.  It’s such fun spending and evening with Clive and Julie choosing songs.

Who have you cast in your panto?

The old favourites are returning for another year of madness and mayhem. I am very lucky to have such an experienced cast of Mike, Sean and Jamie to name but a few. If one dame wasn’t enough, we have two – welcome to the false eyelashes and wigs, Neil! This year there is a children’s chorus of 7 girls and an adult chorus of 4 ladies. It is such a shame that men aren’t interested in joining the chorus as it would add a different dynamic. Having said that, I am delighted with the chorus who are all working extremely hard.

Who are backstage team of Techies, backstage, choreography, prompt, band etc ?

They are known as the dream team! The wonderful Clive as MD, Julie is doing the choreography and watching her work is something quite special. Sally-Anne has designed a fantastic set and I am overly excited at the amount of sparkle we will be having! Ron and Nick will no doubt add that extra bit of magic with the lighting and sound. This year Andrew will be stage managing – a safe pair of hands. I mustn’t forget Richard who’s set builder, Phil props, Liz prompt – a massive thank you to you guys. Then there is the back stage crew, the hair and make up ladies, wardrobe ladies, front of house staff and the band! I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone!

KLP panto has a wonderful reputation, why should people rush to buy tickets this season?

Tickets are already selling well! This year’s pantomime has something for everyone – risky jokes, traditional Panto routines, funky dances. It will be big, bold, bright and have tons of sparkle!