Kings Langley Pantomime Interviews #2 Dame

In the second in the series of our behind the scenes interviews, we talk to Kings Langley’s favourite Pantomime Dame, Mike Crow.

What was your first experience of playing the Dame?
My first experience of playing Dame was 7 years ago in Cinderella, again directed by Andrew Knight. I am no longer a size 10, but I like to think I have retained my womanly figure and alluring charm.

How do you manage with the high heeled shoes?
Size 11 high heeled wedges play havoc with my bunions, I feel like a giraffe who has been on the beer all night.

What is your favourite part of playing the Dame?
The most enjoyable part of Daming, is the back-chat with the audience and of course I am also allowed to be extremely saucy with a selected hunk in the front row.

How old do you think our oldest audience member may be this year…?
There are rumours that an extremely elderly lady will be celebrating her birthday at one of our performances…

So there we have it. If you or anyone you know is brave enough to sit in the front row this year to enjoy a bit of banter with Widow Twankey, then book your tickets now!

Aladdin by Chris Jordan will be presented at Kings Langley Community Centre from the 10th-12th January.