Kings Langley Pantomime Interviews #3 Principal Boy

In the third of our Pantomime interviews we speak to primary school teacher, Sophie Palumbo who will be playing our very own Aladdin.

What was your first experience in Panto?
The very first panto I ever appeared in just so happens to be Aladdin. It was 23 years ago and I remember being extremely excited that I got to be a ‘shrunken Wishee Washee’ after he’s got caught up in one of Twankey’s tumble dryers
When did you first play a principal in Panto?
The first principal role I had in a pantomime was as principal girl in Robinson Crusoe 14 years ago.
What do you like about Panto that you don’t get in normal shows?
The big musical numbers. Who doesn’t love to prance around a stage singing and dancing. That is the sort of stuff my shower daydream musicals are made of!!!
You have directed a few shows now – do you think you might tackle a Panto in the future?
Erm…… no! Panto directing are big shoes to fill. I’m not sure I’m quite sure that slipper is going to fit just yet.
What do the kids at your school think about Mrs Palumbo on stage?
Ha! They think it’s great. It’s like they’re getting a little snapshot into another part of my life.
Next time we’ll be looking at what goes on behind the scenes, so keep reading – and don’t forget to book your tickets for Aladdin.