Kings Langley Pantomime Interviews #6 Julie, our Choreographer

Panto is all about the songs – and we have some treats in store for you this year with a record number of them. Which means we need a hard working choreographer to whip us all into place. Here we talk to Julie to find out just how it is done.

Tell us how you approach choreographing a Panto?

Firstly I have to know how the story leads in and out of the number. That means lots of messaging Andrew and watching the blocking. It’s all about the story. Next I always have a glass of wine whilst listening to the music and working out just how many props I can get away with. I love a prop or two. Then I just play with patterns and the set in my head and off I go. Most importantly though, it has to be fun.

It’s all about the team work isn’t it – tell us about the team?

Well it’s the A Team again this year and it is all about team work, which involves lots of meetings and working together. It’s always such fun and Clive (our very talented Musical Director) is such a pleasure to work with. What a clever chap he is. Andrew (the Director) and I seem to think alike, our ideas match so well. I love working with him. We would be lost without Roz (our Stage Manager), without her we could not do it.  She’s brilliant.

You are involved in the other performing groups in the village – but what do you like about working with the KLP?

The diversity of the shows

The people – I just love them

The opportunity to try new things.

What has been your favourite piece of choreography in a KLP panto over recent years?

Well, I think it was actually in Little Shop of Horrors. The Ronettes at the window singing “Da Doo” with Seymour. I know it wasn’t panto, but I loved that number. My second favourite was “Together Wherever We Go” in Mother Goose. I like the fun numbers.

Any spoilers?

Take a look at this video of some of the songs we have been rehearsing this year, we’ve got a bit of everything. I think musically it is going to be our most fun yet.