Kings Langley Pantomime Interviews #7 The Chorus!

The hardest working people in Panto have to be the Chorus. They are on and off stage throughout the evening, have to change costumes numerous times and learn loads of songs and dances.

Here we speak to Millie, one of our Chorus team this year. Millie started with us a number of years ago in the childrens chorus and for the past couple of years has moved on to larger roles including part of Daisy, the pantomime cow. This year, Millie joins the adult chorus and tells us what it’s all about.

You’ve been involved in Panto’s before, on and off stage and in main roles and chorus. tell us what you enjoy about being in the chorus?
It’s so much fun – you get to do a bit of everything; dancing, singing and acting. You get to enjoy a variety of costumes which is always fun! Being part of the chorus team is incredible. 
What are the best and the most challenging parts about being in the chorus?
The most challenging is probably trying to remember everything – the chorus plays such a large part in the show doing multiple different things, there’s lots going on! But that’s also the best thing – doing such a variety of fun things. 
What makes being involved in a Kings Langley Players Panto so special?
The people. The people at KLP are wonderful. There’s such a team spirit, a camaraderie, a supportive group of people all cheering each other on. The KLP family is simply extended during the shows to our audiences. 
Can you give us any spoilers about what you are doing – or what you are most excited about this year?
This year is going to BIG, I can tell you that much. I’m definitely excited – but you’ll have to come and see for yourselves!