Meet the cast – Donna

It’s time to meet the cast of our next production, Who Is Theo. First on the list is Donna, played by Cat Jenkins.

Tell us about your character? 

Donna is an assistant at a law firm waiting for her big break and to become an actual lawyer. Hard working, stressy, desperate to let loose and have fun like her room mate Ellie. Also a big fan of coffee.

What’s your favourite line (of your character) in the the play? 

‘I am a net and you can leap in to me’

What appealed to you about this play? 

I loved the humour and laughed out loud as I read it to myself. I read it start to finish in one go and could just picture it on the KLP stage. I like that it blends the elements of a more traditional farce but with a completely modern twist. 


Keep an eye on the KLP blog for interviews with the rest of the cast coming up soon.

Who Is Theo will be on from the 7th-9th March. Book your tickets now!