Meet the cast – Ellie

This week in our series of meeting the Who is Theo cast, we meet Ellie – played by Tori Jeffs.

Tell us about your character?

I play Ellie, a young party animal who is an editor for a living. Her creativity and imagination have no limits! 

She’s often in her own bubble, thinking a loud to herself and her internal conversations are eccentric to say the least.

My inspiration for this character has got to be Phoebe from friends! 

What’s your favourite line (of your character) in the the play?

With Ellie, it’s so hard to choose. She has so many random ones! 

It’s probably got to be when everyone is shouting at one another and she just throws her own name in to the mix. Have you ever seen the scene in Shrek 2 where donkey shouts ‘Donkey’ in the middle of the argument. 

That’s what I’m going for.

My other ‘funniest’ moment is probably when I have to speak in a husky man’s voice. I’m yet to manage it without giggling! 

What appealed to you about this play?

So I think like most people I turned up to the reading without a clue what the play was about. 

Initially I was drawn to it because it’s set on St Patrick’s day which is also my birthday, so I was a little curious. 

But then we started reading through the script and I don’t think I stopped laughing from beginning to end. I walked away from that reading saying I just had to be in that play.

So – who is Theo?

Erm he’s an undead zombie leprechaun dinosaur… duh?! 

Who Is Theo will be on from the 7th-9th March. Book your tickets now!