Meet the cast – Theo

Today you get a double dose of meeting the Who is Theo cast, with Theo himself – played by Jamie Yates

Tell us about your character:

He is a magical being of wonder and delight. An inspirational granter of wishes, that strives to make the world happy around him, and win hearts. Or, he’s a drunk, delusional man in a silly outfit who has no idea where he is. Watch the show, and maybe you’ll decide for yourselves which of those it is.

What’s your favourite line?

“You’re being the little fish in the big pond, and I don’t see why you don’t go be the big fish.” 

What appealed to you about this play?

My determination to be involved with Who Is Theo hit fast after the reading in which I could not stop laughing. It is a beautifully funny play with a whole host of unique and wonderful characters. And with a strong director like John at the helm, even us in it were always in for a treat.