Nearly show time!

With only one week to go until opening night we find ourselves at a very exciting stage in proceedings. We have moved all our gear into the Centre, the set is very nearly finished, the sequins are being polished on all the costumes and we had our first band call last night.

For the duration of rehearsals we have been rehearsing our songs with our fab MD, Clive, but now is the time for Clive’s band to appear and take the music to a whole new level. We are accustomed to working with a keyboard as a backing track but last night were treated to a guitar, bass and drums. This does wonders for the production as a whole. Not only does their expertise shine on it’s own, it also raises the bar for all the performers pushing us to rise to the challenge and enhance our performances even more.

We’ll be rehearsing Act 2 with the band tonight and then on Saturday we are looking forward to our first rehearsal in costume – another treat for everyone involved – to make sure all those tights can be squeezed into and that we can dance in our heels.

Following that we have a technical rehearsal, where our lighting and sound techies get to add their bit and make sure we quite literally ‘shine’ and can be heard.

Then that just leaves our two dress rehearsals next week which will take us thundering towards opening night on Thursday 11th Jan, with performances on Friday night and then the marathon effort of three shows on Saturday the 13th. We can’t wait – can you?