Our next production

Rehearsals begin today for our next production ‘Who is Theo’ by David L Kimple

7-9 Mar 2019, 7:45PM
Amidst the late-night din of St. Patrick’s Day in New York City, Donna comes home to find a highly intoxicated man named Theo, who is dressed like a leprechaun, in her apartment. Mistaking Theo for her roommate Jamie’s sublet, Donna puts him into the empty room only to learn that Jamie is still home. With no explanation of how he got in, Donna and her roommates try to figure out where Theo came from and how to get him out of the apartment. Theo’s undeniable charm and seemingly magical habits, however, don’t make it easy. After everything from a police chase and zombie apocalypse, we find out who we are, who we could be, and who is Theo?
Tickets are already on sale, so book early to get the best seats.